Why Securus Technologies is Keeping Streets of the City Safer

When you work in law enforcement, every single day is completely new with its own set of challenges. Trying to keep the city streets safe means getting those who are harming innocent victims off the streets and in the prison. When we are talking about violent repeat offenders, the stakes are raised because we need to utilize every resource possible to keep from any harm coming to our residents.


These suspects usually operate in the shadows, and when they commit a crime, they retreat back to the safety of a support network that is willing to hide them from the law. These cases are challenging because we simply can not use our informants to help because they will not turn on their friends or a family member.


The key is getting one step ahead of the suspect and getting them while they are in the process of or about to commit the crime. This can help to keep them locked away for a longer period of time. That being said, without an informant feeding us information, this is a task that can be near impossible, or so we thought.


When Securus Technologies installed a new inmate phone system throughout the prison, we didn’t realize how essential this tool was going to be in our pursuit to get the bad guys off the streets. When my team of officers were trained to use the LBS system, we got a covert alert that same day concerning one of our suspects.


When family members and associates in the prison were talking about our suspect, they know we are listening but they think they are clever enough to keep the conversation disguised. Those conversations are no match for the LBS software, and thanks to Securus Technologies, we are scooping up these suspects in record numbers.



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