The importance of the DACA program in the United States of America

Tagged as dreamers, they are the undocumented immigrants who arrive in the United States as young children or as young youths. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is an initiative of the Obama administration and offers such migrants who meet the selection criteria the opportunity to be on temporary suspension from deportation and also the authorization to seek employment in the US. The program has seen nearly 800,000 young undocumented immigrants accessing other state services such as in state tuition fee and also to acquire a driver’s license. The suspension action for deportation and work permit is renewable after every two years. In the year 2013, the percentage of successful applicant stood at 72% with few candidates not meeting the strict selection criteria. Particular emphasis is that the plaintiff must be of 30 years and below and that he/she came to U.S.A before age 16; this is one of other requirements to be eligible for the program.

Under the trump administration, the continuation of the program will come to a halt and will no longer be processing any applications citing that the previous administration went overboard and therefore revoking the Obama administration policy.This announcement has received mixed reactions all over the country with dreamers mainly living in the state of Arizona condemning President Trump efforts to end the program that for years has benefited them.

Led by different activists, Frontera fund being on the forefront when it comes to migrant rights and other consortiums are in the strongest terms possible condemning the move by the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton who addressed a letter to the President to stop DACA. They also criticized those who cosigned the letter, terming them as ignorant of the consequences that this move might cause to the immigrants whose future aspirations they might shatter. The DACA program according to the dreamers has been life changing, and many who have benefited from it are actively involved in the development of the nation in one way or the other, and this is evident from the success stories over the years.

The two law suits filed targets both the access of in state tuition fee and the opportunity for one to acquire a driver’s license. DACA has advised Governor Ducey and the Attorney General Mark Brnovich to exclude their names from the ill-advised letter and to also drop the suit in pursuant of the dreamers. Almost ten states have signed the letter in support of the proposal to terminate the program with other regions, not in support of it all.


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