The Guarantee for Public Safety and Security with Securus

Over the years, technology has offered innovative, simpler and efficient ways of performing important tasks in all sectors. Securus Technologies offers technological solutions relating to crime investigation, civil and criminal justice, corrections and monitoring and the provision of public safety. The primary objective of Securus as a company is to ensure societal safety and provide a connection with bits of any information that is provided. .The Company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and serves over 1200000 inmates in partnership with a huge number of correctional agencies.

The past year, the company numerous letters and emails regarding its exemplary work from the agencies it partners with and the families of inmates. Securus received tonnes of praise for most importantly its drive for innovation. The company consistently comes up with innovative ideas that assist all its associates in performing their tasks, be it analysis of information, monitoring of inmates, management of incidents, and emergency response among others.


Through the use of software such as the LBS system invented by Securus, most Sherriff departments can recover stolen assets and cash among others. The Investigator Pro is also another of Securus’ product which has assisted widely in joining dots in crimes which would have been left unsolved. The call monitoring application by Securus has also assisted in collecting bits of information as evidence in cases for inmates. It has also contributed to ensuring the goals of correctional institutions are met as issues of drug trafficking, death threats, money transfers within the facilities are discovered and necessary steps taken against those involved. To a very high level, this helps ensure safety for inmates as well as employees working within the correctional institutions.


Securus continues to be on the forefront in the provision of software to assist in the world of providing public safety and connect inmates with their families.



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