The feedback given by Securus Clients on their Crime prevention application

One of the companies that have been performing excellently when it comes to the provision of communication, monitoring, public safety, corrections and other civil and criminal justice services is Securus Technologies. The company has been in existence for close to five years now, and during this time they have evolved into the most reliable telecommunications outfit for the correctional facilities. They have received numerous awards and are accredited by the better business bureau. Besides these awards, their customers constantly give glowing recommendations of their services. Below are a few of the recommendations that Securus customers have given in the past.


One client states that they had an issue with an employee who was corrupt. The said employee was trying to introduce contraband to the office environment. The administration contacted Securus to try and get a solution to their problem and they got the monitoring app and the technological support that goes with it. Within the week, the application had gathered enough information to summon the man for disciplinary action and the entire case was burst open.


The company is developing a new product every single week to add on to their collection of applications which they use in the prevention and control of criminal activities. This was revealed by the CEO and chairman of Securus, Rick Smith. Other customers that have used the services include correctional facilities. They state that after using the service, they were able to get information about the use of alcohol by inmates, access to cellular devices, and even civilians who were selling prescription drugs at a discounted cost.


Customers seem really impressed by the overall vision of Securus Technologies. They feel that the new measures being put in place by the company will revolutionize the entire correctional facilities system and with time, the place will be safer and even corruption-free. What they are doing is very commendable.




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