The Continuing Vocation and History of Hussain Sajwani

If you have any familiarity with the real estate business, there is a chance you know of the name Hussain Sajwani. The continuing vocation and history of Hussain Sajwani identify an industry Titan who is a hero of the less fortunate.



Born in Dubai, 1956, on the Persian Gulf, Hussain is a husband and father of four. His parents, as retail workers, encouraged him in becoming an enterpriser. In turn, he is insistent his children should gain efficient training and have a good set of ethics.



Hussain Sajwani’s line of work started in the food business with his own catering provision. It rapidly increased as the facility served its customers in the United States Military and the Bechtel Corporation.



The real estate mogul yet owns the food company and has DAMAC properties headquartered in Dubai. Since its start by Hussain Sajwani, in 2002, DAMAC has enlarged its operations throughout the Middle East.



Hussain has helped improved Dubai’s image and added a reputation about its city attraction worldwide. The Damac owner has supported the local community with charitable gifts and encouragement to seeking entrepreneurs.



For several years, DAMAC has grown with an addition of Park Towers and the Ocean Heights. It is developing more than 11,000 quarters and 39,000 more are in the making under the name.



Hussain Sajwani is not only a philanthropist and an excellent mogul, but he now has business dealings with Donald Trump. Hussain’s longtime association with President Trump goes several years back into Trump’s real estate region. He and Donald Trump joined in partnership at the Trump International Golf Club. This club has made billions of dollars from lodging rentals.



Also, the Hussain Sajwani family own and manage other businesses such as DICO investments, Al Jazeera and Al Amana Building Materials. Hussain’s philanthropic deeds are generous.



His recent donation was $2 million to provide disadvantaged children clothing. Hussain Sajwani has benefited everyone from the resident to the upper class, since creating the DAMAC properties.



The DAMAC business was just an idea, but Hussain engaged the real estate market plan. He protected his investments during economic declines and realized his company, successfully.



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