Securus Technologies: Transforming Lives Through Communications Services

When it comes to a company that plans to dominate its field and maintains high standards, Securus Technologies is one name that comes to mind. Securus Technologies is one of the top communications providers in the entire country and solely provides to prisons and incarceration facilities in the United States and Canada as well. The company is currently being led by Rick Smith who is considered to be an essential person driving the success of Securus Technologies. Being a good leader, he understood what the customers of his company needed from them, and was able to provide them with services that resonated with that idea. Under his guidance, the company slowly grew to be the multi-million dollar company that it is today.


Securus Technologies has done a lot to maintain its position at the top of its field. Back in 2008, Securus Technologies and T-Netix were two of the companies that were tied at the number one spot in the prison communications sector. The companies, therefore, thought it would work for the best interests of all if the two names merged and became one big name in the field of prison communications. The merger worked out well for both the corporates and has helped them rise to the position that they currently are in.


The company has some services that it offers the people who opt for them. The company provides some video and voice communication options, and as well as a few media options to keep the people on the inside entertained. The company knows that people need to be social to develop and better themselves, and they are doing their part in helping to rehabilitate these criminals, helping them become better people. Today, the company has offered their services to millions of customers since they started their operations for the very first time.



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