Malini Saba Gives Back in the Ultimate Way

Millionaires donate money for charitable causes. That is what they do when they reach a certain status in life. Malini Saba has proven that she has what it takes to give back to others. In her lifetime she has proven that she can give to charities, but she wanted to do even more than that. What Malini Saba was focusing on was a non-profit organization that would be involved in continuous giving.


Saba has proven that a business leader can be successful and still find the time to give back. The Stree Foundation is a non-profit company that she started to help at-risk women. Saban is a financial investing firm that she started. Some people might say that it is impossible for someone to effectively run to organizations that are responsible for so much. I say that it can be done, but it takes someone like Malini Saba to do it. She is a person that knows how to effectively manage her time. This is one aspect of her ability to give back. The other thing that sets her apart from everyone else is her strong ability to delegate. She has picked some employees that are able to successfully manage the investments in entertainment and technology for Saban. She has workers that are there to help provide things for women that are at-risk.


One of the biggest things that Malini Saba can do is help educate young women and children that may be on a bad path. This is empowering and much more valuable than any type of one time donation that she could give. That is what a lot of people will do. They will find themselves in a place where they are giving money, but they may not have any idea of where this money goes. That can be one of the most damaging things that come with having money. Millionaires tend to give it away, and then they don’t any idea of what happened to it. That is not what Malini Saba wanted to do. I think that she has spent a good portion of her time trying to make a difference that she can see. This is important for someone like Malini Saba.


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