Learning for Life with The Kabbalah Centre


The Kabbalah Centre offers many courses for those interested in learning the teachings of Kabbalah, many of them for free through their online university. These courses range from beginner through master teachings and are also available by monthly subscription. They also offer written materials such as the Zohar, a sacred text of Kabbalah. Live lectures and courses are posted regularly and teach topics of many different areas such as well-being and prayer and meditation.

The teachings of Kabbalah aren’t considered a religion per se, the goal of their organization is to help them understand and excel in all areas of their lives without pain and suffering, attracting a positive experience in their existence. The teachings of ancient Jewish mysticism date back well over 5,000 years, being around even longer than the Bible. There are five “core principals” in Kaballah:

  • Sharing
  • Awareness and balance of the ego
  • Existence of spiritual laws
  • We are all one
  • Leaving our comfort zone can create miracles

The Kabbalah Centre, founded in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag not only has a huge footprint online, they are in over forty cities and growing. The leaders also offer “energy tours” which are pilgrimages to sacred grounds.

Beginning with learning online and creating a study plan, the student then moves into the study through the more formal study of texts. The last step is to connect with The Kabbalah Centre in person. On their website, the introductory video on “Where to Begin” shows the many ways that Kabbalah can change a student’s life. This information can be found on The Kabbalah Centre’s website at https://kabbalah.com/where-begin.


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    For those keen on finding out about Kabbalah, The Kabbalah Center offers a three-stage anticipate people to develop in their otherworldly voyage. The visits are given in a wide range of dialects and are thought to be one of a kind each time. It is going to be so tough for them to know what to do and this site: http://www.history1700s.com/index.php/articles/17-lectures/1667-a-short-chronicle-of-the-art-of-essay-writing-since-the-middle-ages.html has provided support for them all to understand.

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