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Introducing You To Kabbalah

Kabbalah is a mystical and spiritual interpretation of the Torah. Instead of looking at the Torah through a religious, factual, historical or literal interpretation, the study of Kabbalah aims to explain the writings of Judaism through a spiritual and mystical perspective.

Kabbalah can be broken down into sefirot. According to Kabbalah, sefirot are what define us. They include both physical, emotional and spiritual parts that when combined together form a whole human being. There are ten different sefirot and they are further broken down into higher and lower orders.

For example the sefirot of Hessed is the spiritual element of giving and sharing. Kabbalah states that all sefirot must be in balance to be truly happy, healthy and to live a fulfilling life. This is reiterated by Kabbalah by saying that too much Hessed in one’s life or giving may lead to someone becoming broke or not focusing on themselves.

The way to balance Hessed is by practicing Gevurah. This is the sefirot that is associated with withholding, discipline and focus. When you practice both Hessed or giving and sharing and practice Gevurah or discpline and withholding when necessary the result can be very fruitful and productive. You will not withhold too much or to little. You should be happy, focused, not greedy but still generous when the time comes and when it is appropriate.

Achieving balance through the ten sefirot is what the study of Kabbalah is all about. When one studies Kabbalah, he or she can quickly realize that one of their sefirot is out of balance and needs to be realigned. By bringing generosity or focus back into one’s life, a person can achieve a better and happier life. That is the ultimate goal of Kabbalah. It is to help people find peace, happiness and harmony with the creator or divine light.

The Kabbalah Centre’s Mission


The Kabbalah Centre was founded on a principle that anybody, regardless of faith or background should have access to the study of Kabbalah for their well being. It traces its origins to Ravs Philip Berg and Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein who created the The National Research Institute of Kabbalah in 1965. The opening of the Kabbalah Centre in 1984 marked the beginning of open Kabbalah study for all people and not just scholars of Judaism.

Today, the Kabbalah Centre hosts online classes on the study of Kabbalah, particularity on the works of kabbalists and the Zohar.



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