Imran Haque : Internal Medicine Specialist

Imran Haque is an internal medicine specialist who works in an U.S state called North Carolina. Imran Haque is a very well respected medical doctor whom many call very caring. DR. Imran Haque has over 15 years of experience and he has helped many patients suffering from many various illnesses in the span of his career. Imran Haque has two offices in Ramseur, NC as well as Asheboro, NC. Imran Haque’s office in Asheboro, NC is called Horizon Internal Medicine and this office is for conducting the treatment of internal medicine illnesses and complications.


Imran Haque has studied at Universidad Iberoamericana where he graduated with honors and therefore received his medical degree. DR. Imran Haque made a decision to study internal medicine while he was attending the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program. After Imran Haque successfully underwent the internal medicine training he had obtained a license allowing him to practice medicine in North Carolina.


Horizon Internal Medicine is DR. Imran Haque’s facility that is dedicated to the best service for North Carolina possible. Horizon Internal Medicine is a preferred choice for internal medicine among the North Carolina population due to the fact that he is so good at his job. Imran Haque has been trained to diagnose and prescribe treatment for illnesses such as ; diabetes, epilepsy, glaucoma and pneumonia. At this office, Imran Haque has the technology and experience to provide such things as ; 360 Resurfacing, Weight Management, Diabetes Specialist, Laser Hair Removal and Physical Examinations. Imran Haque provides the best service to his patients that he can and his staff are friendly and helpful, that is why his patients love him so much.

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