How Brian Bonar has Managed to Achieve Success


Brian Bonar is a Successful finance executive. He serves as the leader at Dalrada Financial Corporation and Trucept Incorporated. Brian has a broad background in business leadership. His technical background has contributed to part of his success.

Brian Bonar has the knowledge on how to create a successful business structure. Brian holds a Bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering which he earned from the James Watt Technical College.

Brian later went to Stafford University where he received his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Brian Bonar began his career by working as a procurement manager at IBM. He later moved on to QMS where he served as the Director of Engineering.

Brian Bonar was able to manage more than 100 people. Brian also worked at Adaptec where he served as the Sales Manager. Brian got lots of experience and expertise as he worked at these firms. He then decided to launch his company known as Bezier Systems.

Brian Specialties include acquisitions and mergers. He possesses a personal and creative approach to life. Brian combines the creative power as an architect with the technical know-how of an engineer. Brian was rewarded with the Who’s Who in America in 2000. Brian usually plays golf, spend quality time with his family, and go on boat trips when he is not working.

San Diego Magazine recalls that Brian Bonar’s creative and managerial skills managed Trucept Incorporated to become a successful company.

One of these tasks includes managing their payrolls. The company also manages employee benefits and human resources administration. Trucept makes suggestions and plans while still respecting the work climate and unique qualities of every business.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar also has experience in procurement, design development, site and building design, and contract administration. He has acquired a reputation as an efficient leader who assists his team members, clients, and project partners to achieve their goals. Brian Bonar portfolio includes aviation, retail commercial, and multi-family housing.

He has also helped with various education projects and can establish a client relationship. Brian Bonar acts as the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation which is a top developer of digital imaging hardware and color management software. Bonar says that target market of the company is businesses that are small to medium.

Brian Bonar owns a restaurant known as Bellamy. The Bellamy restaurant is famous for its atmosphere and food style that it offers to its customers according to the San Diego Magazine. Brian has employed Patrick Ponsaty who is a world renowned chef to act as the head chef of the restaurant.

The Bellamy Restaurant offers a broad range of food in French cuisine which is what sets the restaurant apart from the others. Brian Bonar hopes to expand the restaurant in the future to make it a mini restaurant empire.


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    Bonar believes in teamwork and has been termed as a valuable asset at Trucept. The company helps to bring solutions to medium and small enterprises by finishing tasks on their behalf. It has a lot of set back and can actually have some of these things working hard to meet their needs all the time too.

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