George Soros Donates Funds for Democratic Campaigns


Billionaire George Soros took a long break from politics several years ago. However, the hedge fund manager is back, and he has donated vast sums of money to support Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Soros has always been a staunch supporter of the Democratic Party. Up to date, the successful investor has already given twenty-five million for the campaign and other causes related to the Democratic Party. In 2004, the billionaire donated twenty-seven million dollars to aid the George Bush presidential campaign. Political analysts in the United States say that the billionaire will give more donations before the elections.

Close associates of the billionaire say that George Soros is interested in the ongoing presidential campaigns than ever before. This great desire is believed to have been resulted from George Soros desire to see Hilary Clinton defeat her primary opponent, Donald Trump. The billionaire has been quoted several times saying that Trump is a supporter of terrorism activities in the world. Michael Vachon, Soros advisor, says that his boss is committed to donating funds for the Democrats because he understands that Donald Trump is against the causes that the billionaire has been championing in his lifetime. Learn more about his profile at

Many individuals believe that the large donations given by the billionaire are a positive sign for Hilary’s campaign. According to political experts, when other persons on twitter notice these donations, then other wealthy people will follow suit, encouraging the support of Clinton. Other prominent individuals in the country have also donated funds for Hilary. Some of these include Tom Steyer, a respected environmentalist who is currently based in San Francisco, Fred Eychaner, Haim Saban and Don Sussman. The wealthy businessmen feel that Hilary Clinton is the best candidate for the top seat in the country.

The billionaire was born in Hungary. However, he fled his home country when he was still young and settled in London where he acquired his degree in economy. After completing his degree, Soros worked in the country as a waiter and railway porter before getting employment in a merchant bank. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

After several years, George Soros relocated to the New York City, settling in Wall Street. The successful investor started his hedge fund in the year 1969, using twelve million dollars. The firm becomes very successful, and it has transformed the lives of many people in the world. The businessman has a lot of expertise in the finance and business departments, and this explains his successful in the industry. George is also respected for his humanitarian actions all over the world. Soros has a charitable organization that supports human rights all over the world. His opinions, especially in the finance industry are highly respected in the United States and the world at large.



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