George Soros and the Democracy Alliance

After Hillary Clinton’s defeat at the hands of the Trump Campaign during the 2016 US presidential elections many within the Democratic party are demanding both new leadership and a fresh look at financial allocation. One of the primary reasons for this political shake up is not just Clinton’s loss itself but rather the relatively ineffectual nature of the massive financing she had received. Due this fact, a thorough rethinking of Democratic funding was in order, organized by the well known Democratic Alliance Donor Club. The Club (often referred to as the DADC or more simply the DA, for the sake of brevity) has scheduled a conference in Washington’s famed Mandarin Oriental Hotel and will feature such prominent liberal donors as Clinton backer George Soros, famed philanthropist Donald Sussman, and lauded hedge fund manager, Tom Steyer. Also in expected attendance will be many notable members within the established and up-and-coming party leadership, such as House Leader, Nancy Pelosi, Massachusetts Governor Elizabeth Warren and prospective DNC chair and Minnesota congressman, Keith Ellison.

The Hungarian billionaire Soros, here, is something of a standout in democratic circles for several reasons. Not only was Soros one of the single largest contributor to the Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, he is also one of the top 30 richest men in the entire world. Additionally, Soros has a long history of political activism and political finance and has worked with many prominent democrats and progressives in the past. Therefore, Soros and his Open Society Foundation will likely take up a very key and central position in the upcoming Democratic Donors Club meeting. And the donors will certainly need him and all the additional funding they can get after the presidential defeat. What, exactly, this will entail remains up in the air but will likely consist of things like super PAC funding, legal and marketing funding to counteract Trump’s 100 day plan (which could potentially overthrow many of Obama’s most well known achievements) as well as local, heartland strategy funding.

All of this is very important to keep in mind, for both Democrats and Republicans, because the Democratic Alliance Donors Club has been quite central in shaping both the philosophical and financial direction of the party. This will doubtless be the case once again.

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