Deere’s Lime Crime Lets Consumers Live Out-Loud

The world’s most daring makeup line brought consumers bold colors that were once unavailable. Since its establishment Lime Crime makeup has developed a devout following of makeup lovers. The line brings to high bold and bright and deep and dark lip colors, among other delightful cosmetic treats. Russian born Doe Deere is at the root of it all, as the founder of Lime Crime Makeup.


Deere, who attended school for fashion design, was selling clothing she’d designed when she was living in New York City. She wanted to pair makeup colors that were unavailable. So, Deere decided to develop the colors herself and that was just the beginning of Lime Crime.


Deere was also the creative type. She moved New York City from Russia at just seventeen years old in pursuit to become a musician. It was during this time that she met her husband, fellow musician and partner of Lime Crime. Deere learned a lot from being a musician. Today, she uses that acquired knowledge to help with marketing Lime Crime products. Being a musician also helped her learn how to run a business.


Deere currently resides in L.A., also the home of Lime Crime. She is humble and honest about what led her to her success. Deere acknowledges that pursuing something she was passionate about allowed her to be successful. People do better at things that the want to be doing. Deere is a fabulous example that in the end it pays to follow your heart.


Deere following her heart led to the formation of a makeup company that is anything but ordinary. The line is accessible for purchase online. Lime Crime even has a super successful blog that celebrity makeup artists frequent. Most importantly though, Lime Crime allows consumers to express their individuality. The brand allows consumer to live boldly out-loud! And, with a massive and devout following Lime Crime is here to stay. The brand continues to change the makeup industry with every new lip color it releases. Evidence of this impact can be seen directly from fan photos shared on popular social media sites! Fans use Lime Crime makeup to create their own wonderfully whimsical looks, showing that makeup truly is a way to express one’s self! Way to go Deere and Lime Crime makeup!


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