Danilo Diaz Granados Sheds Light on Travelling to America


Danilo Diaz Granados undertook an undergraduate degree in economics. He graduated in the year 2010.Later in life, he pursued a master’s degree in Business Administration at IE College. He is a manager at Movilway and the CEO of Toys and Boys Miami LLC.


Many of the technological powerhouses In the United States of America have had founders with different roots. Google, Intel, Yahoo, and YouTube all have founders who have different origins other than the USA.


Well, the big question is how did they get there? Or how can you go there? Danilo Diaz Granados says there are several ways in which an individual can use to get to America. The first method he lists is by investing in the USA. It’s called an immigrant Visa EB-5.In such a case, you have to invest one million dollars in the USA and lucky enough, you only need five hundred thousand dollars if the business is in a local town.


Another method is by the use of an employment visa, Visa EB-2(C).By the utilization of this Visa, it requires that you have an advanced degree. The main reason for entering the USA should, however, be of national interest.


There is also the treaty Visa E-2-, this one requires that one starts a business worth a hundred thousand dollars. However, it is necessary that your origin is from a country that belongs to the list of treaty investors.


For those of exceptional skill or talents, you can use the Visa 0.1. This Visa requires that you have a sponsor who works in the States and preferably one that can give you a job.


For Executives working in companies with offices in America, one can use the Visas L1. This type has two clases.L1A, and L1B.L1A requires you to be an executive or in a managerial position, and have worked with the company for a year abroad. L1B requires you to be working in a company that has offices in the States but has an option of working with another one.


For employees, Danilo Diaz Granados point out that the class H-1B Visa is available. In this case, only a few requirements are needed. They include work certificates and the number stop visas to be issued.

Finally, there are many ways to get to the States as the current government is reviewing ways in which it can make it easier to stay in the USA. Find more information about Danilo through his Facebook page, or you can also follow him on Soundcloud.



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