Bridgett Scarr: A Creative Director With A Talent For Inspiring People

Bridget Scarr is UK based creative director that focuses on creating uplifting, engaging, thought-provoking, and inspirational works that have the power of changing the way that people look at the world. Her work can be seen on television, online, in virtual reality, or in interactive exhibitions, and it always speaks to people’s heart and soul. With over 15 years of experience with production in TV, animation, and advertising, Bridget finds her role as an Exec producer fun and enlightening. She has worked with both small and large teams on the creative and technical production end and at this time leading the content strategy and creation at Colibri Studios. The idea for the studio is to have all of her creative ideas in one place, which includes digital content, augmented reality, and other exhibition ideas she works on.



Bridget’s Routines Are Important To Her


Bridget Scarr knows that her routines are what keeps her sane and successful, and she usually begins her day with meditation. After this, she enjoys a nice breakfast with her family and then goes over what she needs to do for the day while riding to her office. If she is feeling stressed out or not so creative, she takes a time out and looks to find something light-hearted or fun. Often-times this takes the form of playing with her son who helps her to remember what’s truly important in her life. She also likes to get out in nature, which helps her to feel more connected with the rest of the world.



Bridget’s Ideas Are Inspired


Bridget Scarr loves to work on projects that are inspired by people’s desires. When working on something new, she allows herself to become immersed in it so she can see what needs to be done from a first-hand perspective. For example: one of her latest projects has her putting together an augmented reality that allows users to learn about history through the stories of the people who experienced it themselves. Before she gets started on a project like this, she looks at how much current technology can help to build a world for people that feels real and is educational. She then looks for others who have access to the factual information she will need to include in the augmented experience.



Bridget’s Advice


For someone just getting started in the same kind of business that Bridget is involved in, she would tell them to trust their own journey and to believe in their own unique gifts. This is where true success is found.



Connect with Bridget Scarr on LinkedIn.


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