Brad Reifler Gives $3 Million to Vets


The vets in this country are often overlooked. They come back from a tour of duty and the resources available from the government are lacking. This fact seems unfair. After all, these men and women are heroes who have served the U.S. with valor and deserve to have things taken care of when they return home. However, that is not usually the case, and philanthropists like Brad Reifler want to make a positive difference in these vets’ lives by giving back.


That is why Brad Reifler donated the large amount of $3 million to the charity called Seals Dixon. The center is a nonprofit that focuses on helping veterans in the military and their families cover costs of basic needs, get education, get jobs, and enjoy better health and fitness. Typically, the centers that these people go to are underfunded. Brad Reifler hopes that by donating, they will have more access to resources to help them improve their lives. A spokesperson from the center said they are pleased to be helped in this way and thank the team and Reifler. It should help his clients as well, Reifler said, so he is pleased for that reason too.


Brad Reifler is a unique man in the world of high impact financial trading. He recently founded Forefront Capital, which is a successful fund management group specializing in high net worth individuals and organizations. However, before that he had a long road of hard work and determination to reach where he is now.


He graduated from the esteemed Bowdoin College, a private institution. He has pulled himself up from his bootstraps, and is now one of the most respected investors in the world. He has a keen eye for international investments, and currently operates millions of dollars under management. He has traded derivatives and managed accounts for entire institutions. He works sales desks and manages overall strategy as his company’s CEO and founder. Thanks to his charitable efforts, more people are now living better.  Be sure to follow him on Twitter @BradleyR.



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    He is a serial entrepreneur who has started at least three different businesses, the first one being way back in 1982, not too long after college. I have to say that to where they are many is still the best option available.

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