Arthur Becker on Success as an Entrepreneur

Becoming the kind of person who succeeds as an entrepreneur takes more than just hard work. Arthur Becker, the Managing Partner at Madison Partners, LLC, has been just about everywhere in the investment industry over the past several decades. Along the way Becker has established himself as a source of knowledge and success within the investment world, no matter where he plies his trade. Becker’s unique career trajectory as well as his unbridled success at every step of the way provides a perfect way for young entrepreneurs to learn from someone who has been there before and will continue to lead the charge for years to come. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

When talking to Arthur Becker you get the idea that he is intimately familiar with every detail that he is about to share. When prodded on what makes a successful entrepreneur his answer is as methodical as it is logical. Becker says, “I have found that the biggest challenge has been to balance the passionate and drive with critical thinking.” Becker’s answer is perfectly in line with his own career history. Becker has routinely chased down projects that he feels passionate about, but only those passionate projects that have the ability to succeed in a big way. Take his investments in ancient currency from Nigeria and Cameroon. This was a passion project that was based in logic and as a result it was wildly successful.

Despite how much success we have seen Arthur Becker take part in, he still knows that there are challenges to weather. Becker goes on to say, “I have failed numerous times and hopefully have learned how to avoid similar failures going forward.” While it is true that failure plays a part in the career of an entrepreneur it is not the aspect that people should be focusing on. Becker believes that the chemistry maintained between management personnel is as important as the entire concept of the company you are working for. Becker admits that he only works well when he is collaborating with people he respects. Young entrepreneurs would do well to remember this mindset when they seek out partnerships. You can visit Bloomberg to know more.

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