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The African Lobby is a centralized space for advocating Pan-African interest and creating public action and participation in the continent and in the Diaspora.

African people, globally, must engage the world around them and be change agents. Lobbying is one way for people based participation in sculpting the decisions and processes which impact their lives.


Get Involved in Change

If we want to see another world, we must actively take part in the changing of the world. By definition lobbying is a process which aims to influence decisions made by those in authoritative positions. But to be effective requires a united voice, comprehension created by research, tangible action plans crested by think tanks, and commitment.


Petition or Lobby?

Lobbying requires organization, united people, structure, think tanking, planning, long-term investment of time and very clear objectives. So petitions automatically exclude unfocused feel good, ego motivated, and causal campaigns. Petitions, albeit creating some awareness, generally do not require commitment beyond the signature. Because of this, petitions range from serious to extremely vacuous. It takes years to lobby; it takes minutes to start a petition. While petitions have their role, all the major world players (AARP, Gay rights, Israel, oil interest, Gun advocates, and the Tech lobby) rely on lobby for primary change apparatus.



Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.
“The greatest mistake of the movement has been trying to organise a sleeping people around specific goals. You have to wake the people up first, and then you’ll get action.”.
Slavery is a condition imposed upon individuals or races not sufficiently able to protect or defend themselves, and so long as a race or people expose themselves to the danger of being weak, no one can tell when they will.

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  • - New African Lobby launched
    The African Lobby has been set up because Africans are politically invisible from lobbying as unified group for issues that affect them. It is a response to the division and the lack of unity and power of the people.
  • - What is a Lobby
    Lobbying is a method used to put pressure on governments and organizations with authority on issues that concern citizens. It essentially means organizations and individuals like you and me getting involved in helping to influence and make changes in areas that affect our lives and those we care about.
  • - Lobby or Petition
    By definition lobbying is a process which aims to influence decisions made by those in authoritative positions and create change in areas of concern. It requires organization amongst the people and therefore it is not uncommon for committed people to set up their own lobby group to come together and create changes.
  • - An African Code
    The African Code is a ethical African ethos which is the fundamental intersection of our most cherished ideas and ideals, which serve as the bases for global African organizational people based unity for progressive development.